Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Abalone Meat

From the minute our abalone meat is “shucked” (meat removed from the shell) live on the fishing vessel it is placed in plastic bags and kept on ice to reduce the product temperature down to between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius. The chilled abalone meat is then delivered to the processing factory that afternoon for guaranteed freshness.

Chilled fully bled abalone meat is then placed in a chilled potable salt water brine solution at 2 degrees Celsius which the abalone meat is kept in overnight.

Following morning, the Chilled Fully-Bled Abalone Meat is removed from salt water brine, drained, weighed, further cleaned and trimmed. Then graded to the following size specifications;


Grade Weight in Grams
Extra Large - XL        390+grams
Grade 1-2 230 grams to 390 grams
Grade 2-3 154 grams to 229 grams
Grade 3-5 90 grams to 153grams


The blast (snap) freezer is pre-cooled to below minus 20 degrees Celsius with a wind speed above 70km per hour. This ensures our chilled abalone products are snap frozen in the shortest possible time.

Once the abalone meat is frozen below minus 25 degrees Celsius, abalone is removed from the snap freezer, inspected for further quality grading of export grade or local market grade.

Frozen abalone is then weighed in batches of 10kg net then lightly dipped in fresh potable water to “glaze” the abalone meat which prevents freezer burn.

Our product is then placed into 100 micron plastic bags, air removed then heat sealed to maintain freshness and premium quality. Packed into our waxed coated premium quality cartons and stored at a temperature below minus 20 degrees Celsius awaiting dispatch.

Canned Abalone and Heat Sterilised (cooked) Vacuum Packed Abalone.

Southern Wild Abalone and Dragon King Abalone cans and heat sterilised vacuum packs are contract packaged by Dover Fisheries (Ex 27) in Adelaide, South Australia.

Only the best of the best chilled abalone products are used for Heat Sterilised Vacuum Packs, making our two brand names the most premium “pouched” Greenlip and Brownlip Abalone on the market today.

Ex 27 is one of the most reputable canned abalone manufacturers in the world and both Southern Wild and Dragon King Abalone are very proud to have EX 27 produce our canned abalone products.

Live Abalone

Southern Wild Abalone Manager, Marcus Tromp has over 15 years’ experience with marine life husbandry and was a curator at a public aquarium for over 5 years. This vast knowledge and experience provides nothing but premium quality water in our modern technology closed-circuit abalone holding systems. Both Greenlip and Brownlip Abalone are available to customers requesting premium, healthy live abalone.